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Harley Jennifer O'Connor
Meri Martí Esparbé
Frank Melendez

thomas ladu

Projects credited in
  • Esadva
  • Diddikai
    DiddikaiCreated for a project exploring sound design for moving image, this short video briefly covers the perception of Anglo-Romanies in contemporary England and the balance between social integration and losing their cultural identity. Inspired by the ethno-musicology of "Latcho Drom" by Tony Gatlif, and the autobiographical nature of "Angelo My Love" directed by Robert Duvall, and following in the path of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's "Großstadtzigeuner", I have made this short film to document my perspecti
  • Depression
    DepressionCommision Editorial Illustration for a magazine.
  • Creative Way For Ocean Explore
    Creative Way For Ocean Explore
  • Comrade Objects
    Comrade ObjectsRodchenko was writing to his wife Varvara Stépanova in 1925, a the beginning of communism, telling her he thought man should change his relationship to objets, that we must learn to talk with them, laugh, play. Rodchenko opposed to the fetichisation of merchandise, the concept of comrade-objects. WJT Mitchell, one of the initiators of visual studies insists on the fact that images are not unmoving objets carrying significations, but must be considered as living things inhabited by desires, needs
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