Tim Scott

Tim Scott

Music ArtistFrankfurt, Germany
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Tim Scott

Tim Scott

Music ArtistFrankfurt, Germany
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DEBUT ALBUM TO RADIO 1 IBIZA Upon graduating from the prestigious London Guitar Institute (now known as ICMP), Tim’s career first took off with the release of his fusion-rock debut titled 'Bald On The Inside', described as - "Impressive, world-class stuff" by Guitarist (magazine) This opened the door to working in collaboration with the legendary Radio 1 DJ, Judge Jules. They soon produced the track 'Puesta Del Sol' and then the following year ‘City Rockers’ which is remixed from the main melody of Tim’s track: ‘Ibiza’s Secret Garden’, blending Tim's distinctive Spanish guitar style with Jules' signature Trance and Techno beats. “Guitar man Tim wows Ibiza crowds” Manchester Evening News Brandishing his signature sparkly-pink Fender Telecaster laser guitar, Tim was flown out to Ibiza to play live on the party isle for the Radio 1 weekend. His blazing Latin-rock and funky-chops making a welcome addition to Jules' Balearic beats, inspired by the Ibiza experience; Tim started adding dance in to his compositions, his signature sound now dubbed: ‘Guitar Mashing’. NATIONAL PRESS SPOTLIGHT National press accolade soon followed: “It's not often we declare a guitar album to be outstanding, yet Tim Scott has come up with something that's both highly original and genuinely refreshing” by Guitar Techniques (magazine) “For a man who’s been frequently compared to some of history’s greatest guitarists, Tim Scott’s forward-thinking attitude towards dance music is not only commendable, but has assisted in producing some delectably unique music. Being compared to the likes of Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai and Steve Lukather may have prompted a less ambitious musician to perpetually play it safe, something which Scott has absolutely failed to do” by Zavvi (Virgin Megastores) ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD As a fanatical electric guitar player, Tim fuses his passion for eclectic instrumental virtuosity into a tropical adventure with commercial House, Drum and Bass, Trance, EDM and Dubstep. “Scott is a genuine innovator.” CityLife His big vision to break genre boundaries, free to start an ultra-funky guitar groove experiment. “…even if you're not about to spend the night in a sleazy club in Ibiza this is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. What's more it's still technically breath-taking so none of the expertise is lost, it's just made accessible to a much wider audience.” Guitar Techniques This Manchester born musician has early memories of composing music. To date his solo discography contains eleven albums and thirty nine singles. Initially influenced by:- Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck as his childhood guitar heroes, making the most of this inspiration he has working hard to create popular melodies; producing a unique and fresh sound that he can call all his own. More lately influenced by:- Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Timmy Trumpet, CamelPhat, Calvin Harris and Fisher. Tim puts his unusual creativity down to the way he learns and writes best, by jamming, improvising and noodling over the records he loves. TOURS, FESTIVALS & EXCLUSIVE EVENTS Tim Scott, an exceptionally talented lead guitarist, originated something new when he started mixing his stunning guitar playing with a DJ set full of hands in the air moments. His popular live performances described simply as: “Live guitar mixed with an uplifting DJ set of dance pop anthems.” Tim plays alongside current Dance-Pop, as well as adding some carefully chosen 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Pop, Rock, and Indie Anthems right through to 00’s Trance bangers; adding his Carlos Santana inspired Spanish guitar meets 80’s Top Gun style Rock guitar to create a unique show you will not find anywhere else. His mashups capture the imagination, keeping an audience on their feet and filling the dance floor. As an accomplished artist in his own right Tim adds his original tunes at the perfect moment just to add a higher personal value to any event you are planning. Tim plays over one hundred gigs a year varying from super clubs like:- Eden Ibiza, Ministry of Sound London, Pryzm Leeds and Pacha to very personal private events like:- weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as large international brand corporate events. For more information about booking Tim, please send an email via the contact me button. Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor...
  • Tim Scott Roller Skating
    Tim Scott Roller Skating“Roller Skating” by Manchester-born rock pop artist Tim Scott was first released all the way back to early last summer, on May 7th, 2021—fitting for the summery vibe of the song. On his Soundcloud bio, Tim Scott describes his musical endeavors as “Uplifting Guitar House Chillout Music,” a description that certainly fits “Roller Skating.” Though the track is not fully, instrumental, the guitar takes center stage in this song—as expected for Tim Scott, who describes himself as a “fanatical electr
  • Tim Scott - Escape To Pardise
    Tim Scott - Escape To PardiseTim Scott endlessly shreds on new single, "Escape to Paradise" Led by an intoxicating guitar riff throughout the entirety, Tim Scott’s “Escape to Paradise” is a thing of pure beauty. Please read on for a closer look at the track, in addition to a much needed background on the artist. With an aim to emotionally lift people up, we confidently think that “Escape to Paradise” from Tim Scott has fully fit that bill. While the track is ultimately chill and laid back right from the start, it’s also g
  • Mastering Session At Abbey Road Studios With The Legendary Geoff Pesche
    Mastering Session At Abbey Road Studios With The Legendary Geoff PescheThis is a video showing the Mastering EQ choice 0:46​ used by Geoff Pesche during the mastering session for my rock guitar track titled Ghosts. This is an instrumental guitar track blending tight rock riffs, with a funk-fusion feel verse. To hear full track search: TIM SCOTT GHOSTS
  • Funky Guitar Looping - Glass Zebra - House Chillout Music
    Funky Guitar Looping - Glass Zebra - House Chillout MusicTo add this song to your playlist search: TIM SCOTT GLASS ZEBRA This is the chords and melody from a piece I’ve been writing and recording. Working title: Glass Zebra - excited to get the full track out soon. Keep watching for updates on the release schedule. Funky Guitar Looping - Glass Zebra - House Chillout Music
  • Rooftop Chillout Guitar - Bora Bora Space Junkie - Tim Scott
    Rooftop Chillout Guitar - Bora Bora Space Junkie - Tim ScottWhen I got out of bed at 5:30am to practice. I didn’t figure that by 10:30am, I’d be on a rooftop car park in central Manchester with the wind picking up and the rain coming in. Although it felt really good to be outside making a big noise! I sat and edited the video in the car in the car park. Just because, I need to get out of the house as much as everyone else does, with the “stay home” situation - eat, sleep, play guitar, repeat, etc. To listen to the full track search: Tim Scott Bora Bora
  • Meanwhile... Sunset out on the balcony... part X - Tim Scott Magnesium Black
    Meanwhile... Sunset out on the balcony... part X - Tim Scott Magnesium BlackInspired by playing live guitar in the super clubs of Ibiza. I used this experience to influence my writing and blended it with super glassy Jeff Beck style guitar tones. The melody is based around chord tones with a long build to the drop giving this song a chilled but uplifting feel. Magnesium Black was originally released in 2012 but has achieved much more remarkable things since posting this performance filmed from the balcony of my apartment during the UK lock-down, summer 2020. To hear fu
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    DirectorAcer Records Limited
    Manchester, United KingdomFull Time
    Acer Records is an artist driven record label to administer the rights in the recordings I produce and collaborate on.
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    DegreeThe Guitar Institute
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    Guitarist of The YearGuitarist Magazine