Tufael Kabiri

Tufael Kabiri

Creative content producerLondon, United Kingdom
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Tufael Kabiri

Tufael Kabiri

Creative content producerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Co-founder and director at a Creative Film Studio called BADMILK. Specialising in Visual arts, Product content and Commercial campaigns With a rich and extensive portfolio of unique compositions and original concepts, I have honed exceptional skills in various photography styles and specialise in alternate creative direction. Always looking for that deeper artistic message and highlighting a different perspective on the everyday. Specialising youth culture, travel, editorial and commercial, I aim to push forward and cultivate culture into creative media. I have demonstrated creative ability, insight and knowledge through a number projects and training workshops that nurture a concept into fruition. Previous experience with Brands, Musicians, Editorial and charities just to name a few. With 10 years experience as a dedicated Photographer & Cinematographer, I bring an unmatched creative flare and energy to my work! Exhibiting a true love for the craft, the arts and science along with it. Ultimately, I’d describe myself as an adventurer. My aims to venture where no one has been before, searching for a different perspective with curiosity in everything. Discovery truly engages me and inspires my work. Please feel free to click the link to my portfolio for a deeper look into work. https://tufaelkabiri.cargo.site A background In Media, Sales, Production and Photography with a Bachelor's degree in Media and communications.
  • Travel photography
    Travel photography
  • Miscellaneous photography
    Miscellaneous photographyShooting freelance for a Number of years. I shoot in both digital and analogue, my main area of specialties are travel documentary, portraiture and fashion. Veteran photographer with years of work spanning many sectors of the industry. Fluent in all photography hardware Consult with clients to discuss, commission ideas and style preferences to create mutually agreeable project parameters. Photographed high-quality images for various print and digital projects. Scheduled and booked locatio
  • ADIDAS:Impossible Is Nothing
    ADIDAS:Impossible Is NothingShort showcase of Adidas "Summer Legend" line. This is an Original concept By Badmilk Based on the Adidas Brand. Note Adidas did not commission this. In this piece we visited what it means to push forward in there face of defeat.
    CARLA PRATA X BADMILKArt piece following Artist Carla Prata in her hometown in Brixton... Filmed and directed by Tufael Kabiri Camera operations : Ahmed Abdullahai & Andrea Baldini
  • Carla Prata VHS
    Carla Prata VHSArt piece and trailer following Artist Carla Prata in her hometown in Brixton. Video building up The artists presence in the Uk and reaching out to a UK audience. Filmed, Directed & edited by Tufael Kabiri.
  • B JOUX - Pedigree Prod. ab96ix
    B JOUX - Pedigree Prod. ab96ixEast London artist, brings a nostalgic element to this UK urban scene with his single Pedigree. Directed by: Diego Martinez Filmed by: Tufael Kabiri & Ahmed Abdullahai Edited by: Diego Martinez
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Projects credited in
  • NEW WAVE Magazine - K Trap (Visual Editorial)
    NEW WAVE Magazine - K Trap (Visual Editorial)A visual editorial for New Wave Magazine on K Trap... Creative Direction: New Wave Magazine X Diego Martinez Photography By: Kareem Abdul Cinematographers: Armzy (Me) & Tufael Kabiri Styled By: NWM
    "THE DESIRE TO (NOT) EXIST""THE DESIRE TO (NOT) EXIST" is a question that is deeply rooted in every human being. It is a fundamental question of existence, it is William Shakespeare's great question "To be, or not to be" from Prince Hamlet. It's a meditation on the fundamental dualities that define our existence. It contemplates life and death, chaos and order, black and white, yin and yang, head or toes, but as one. Two sides of the same coin. "The Desire to (not) exists" does not present an answer. A meaning that has no
    OXY - Glory - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOMusic video done for an artist called OXY18X Production By: BADMILK Commissioned By: 18X Records Edited By: Pietro Filmed By: Armzy (Me)
    CP x BADMILKArt piece following Artist Carla Prata in her hometown in Brixton.
  • Walmer Castles and Gardens
    Walmer Castles and GardensBeautiful architecture, once built as stronghold against the French invasion during the 15th century, now converted into gardens accessible to public. Beautiful architecture
  • TwentyFour London
    TwentyFour London24LDN X BADMILK Production: BADMILK Directed by: ArmzyBAM Soundtrack by: LoukiDan
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    London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Photography
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    Media and Communications BA DegreeGoldsmiths, University of London
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