Vic Mckeand

Vic Mckeand

Contemporary Culture Communications CreativeNottingham, United Kingdom
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Vic Mckeand

Vic Mckeand

Contemporary Culture Communications CreativeNottingham, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a lover for culture, music and contemporary fashion with a passion for travelling and visual communication. Whilst studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University I’ve aquired and mastered multiple skills from graphic design to collaborating on major projects with other creatives. I’m an ambitious and driven individual who likes to be involved with positive and innovative change via visual communication. My visual language is influenced by cool, cultured and contemporary creatives who aren’t afraid to push boundaries such as Jack Bridgland. In regards to this I am also easily adaptable to various styles as you’ll be able to view on my portfolio.
  • Brent Faiyaz Cover Art
    Brent Faiyaz Cover ArtOne of my main other interests other than graphic design/design in general, is music (Hip-hop culture & Rnb to be specific)! I wanted to create my own take on Brent Fiyaz's album 'Fuck the World', which is one of my favourite albums of his. Through this I created all my own imagery by just taking a cut out of Brent and inputting my own type around his silhouette and adding a background. Below you can see I created an image where you can view the track list of the album. For time reference I crea
  • My very own brand: Sundaze Collective
    My very own brand: Sundaze CollectiveMuch like the rest of the population during Covid-19 I was determined to spend my time with enjoyment along side finding my own passion. I've always altered and made my own clothes from when I was a young and this was the time I took to take a leap. I created Sundaze Collective. I was there with my iron for 8 hours a day printing my own designs on to tie-dyed t-shirts I created myself. It was a process, but a very exciting one. I learnt so much what actually went into a brand and all the mech
  • ASOS X Positive Masculinity
    ASOS X Positive MasculinityA project exploring a young adult consumer to engage with ASOS's magazine in a different way. Using toxic masculinity as a subject I created an editorial for inside of an ASOS magazine. With my own photography, art and creative direction we created a safe space for men to really think about where their safe space is to talk about their feelings. To male students this appeared to be at a chicken shop, so I scouted the location and found one that the model's would be comfortable and authentic in.
  • A Global Collaborative Brief : HelpbyDesign
    A Global Collaborative Brief : HelpbyDesignA creative brief created by @known_unknown on instagram to create a message of hope through the negative time during the global pandemic (COVID 19). Throughout this project I created positive visuals with typography, showing skills in illustrator and layout design. I also created both of the backgrounds myself on photoshop to make sure I had all the creative freedom.
  • TSPTR x LIFE AINT THAT BAD : Remix brief
    TSPTR x LIFE AINT THAT BAD : Remix briefBrief: To connect with the female consumer in a new way. A remix project for TSPTR where I created a 'beak book' zine exploring issues with young females in third world countries to emotionally connect with the female youth in the UK. After doing Geography at A Level I have become interested in developing countries across the globe. I thought that girls across the world should be able to tell their story. This zine acts like a gratitude card (which there was a gratitude card stuck to the bac
  • Bandeau Babes X Dragon Slayer : More Social Media Content
    Bandeau Babes X Dragon Slayer : More Social Media ContentHaving done a lot of work for BandeauBabes already I was very excited for this release. The client wanted a post to create hype around the new release, so what better than a gif and a little teaser! I made this gif in both the instagram square measurements and also the story measurements so she could cover all of the Bandeaubabes page. I love the freedom BandeauBabes gives me with my designs as they put a lot of trust in me which gives me confidence!
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Work history
    Founder and creatorSundaze Collective
    Nottingham, United KingdomFull Time
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Photography
  • Photography Editing
  • Leadership
  • Art Direction
  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Dyeing
  • Social Media Advertising
    Fashion Communication and PromotionNottingham Trent University
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion undergraduate degree at NTU Specialising in: graphic design, layout design, creative/art direction and urban culture