Warda Mohamed

Warda Mohamed

Fashion DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Warda Mohamed

Warda Mohamed

Fashion DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a creative designer who thrives for challenges and consistently delivers projects within demanding time. As a designer my ethics is to focus on modesty for women’s wear. I am committed and positive practitioner with and an ability to realise ideas through strong garment construction skills. On top of that, I am multilingual, adaptable and have ability to communicate with others at all levels creating a good working environment. With my passion developing, I moved to England 4 years ago to pursue my fashion career. From young age, I was exposed to two completely different cultures by moving from Finland to Somalia. Hence, the word ‘nomad’ is the best way to describe me.
  • The New Nomads
    The New NomadsThe New Nomads is a collection inspired by Nomads living in Somalia. Known for some of the most ancient lifestyles, I explore the distinct aesthetic and culture that east Africa has to offer. This collection aims to connect the past with the future. I combine history and fantasy to explore my African roots. Traditional clothes will be mixed, fused and even clashed with the undertones of utility and futurism. My favourite childhood memories from Somalia are the sand and vibrant colours on the wal
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