Xuan Liu

Sound MixerLondon, United Kingdom
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Xuan Liu

Sound MixerLondon, United Kingdom
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    OASIS IN THE CITYThis project explores the limits of ‘green luxury’ in creating a partly self sufficient environment, responding to the modern concerns about the impact of polluted on our city environment. Life in the city is automatically connected with poor air quality and lack of purity and hence, deterioration of health and life standards. Creating a design using cutting edge technologies providing clean energy, collection of rain water and growth of plants for food and air quality is what we consider a cont
  • Illustrator designs
    Illustrator designs
  • Degree Show
    Degree ShowThis body of work is studying identity, and personal perceptions of identity. On the tube on my way to university I draw people and make up stories about them. These pictures are my development of one character, named Alexander Sorley. I decided that he worked for the british library and was a fan of poetry and coffee. I then illustrated his story further, and eventually acted out his life as him.
  • Chelsea Students' Lounge
    Chelsea Students' LoungeWindow sign for Chelsea College of Art's canteen, comissioned by Arts SU
  • Chelsea Undergraduate Summer Show 2018
    Chelsea Undergraduate Summer Show 2018My practice is a voice for those who are unable to discuss the ideas of diversity and inclusivity within an art institution. I mainly focus on the lack of Home BAME students and staff within UAL, while giving my own personal experience of being here. Often referencing Black British/American history, the work explores the close relationship between being Black and being a Black artist.
  • 4 ways postgraduate study can help boost your career
    4 ways postgraduate study can help boost your careerIt’s a question that many artists and creatives ask themselves at some point in their lives, whether they are approaching the end of their undergraduate degree or have been working in industry for some time. Should I do a postgraduate degree – and what real, tangible benefits can it offer me?