Yelyzaveta Berestova

Yelyzaveta Berestova

Illustrator and animatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Yelyzaveta Berestova

Yelyzaveta Berestova

Illustrator and animatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I'm Liza and I'm an illustrator. Lately, I've been trying to learn more graphic design to fit those illustrations anywhere neatly. My work is mostly bold and colourful but can be soothing and tranquil too. Depends on how you look at it. Do you also enjoy contradictions? Drop me a line then. Email me at:
  • 'Make Concertina Booklets with us' Workshop Poster
    'Make Concertina Booklets with us' Workshop PosterI've made this poster for a workshop, which I will be cohosting with the zine society Artizine UK and Assemblage youth collective I'm a part of. I made a typographical one because I wanted to challenge myself as well as make it have a friendly feel to it! I wanted to make a poster that will resemble the atmosphere of the DIY workshop, has a friendly feel to it and, of course, features Artizine’s funky letters! I’m not good with typography so you better believe I’ve spent quite some time figurin
  • Series of designs inspired by the endangered plant species
    Series of designs inspired by the endangered plant speciesThis project grew out of the university brief. I was tasked to design a new product or a product range for retail sale in Not Just A Shop ( UAL shop at Holborn). Using the knowledge about the shop, its values and makers, I've combined that with my interest in environmentalism and created these designs. Colourful and bold contemporary botanical designs that are not only attractive visually but also serve a purpose - to support a social cause. A social cause being a donation of 10% from each sale
  • Flatpacked Carpathian Mountains
    Flatpacked Carpathian MountainsThis is a university project and my first time working in After Effects. I made this animation based on the Earthsight's investigation ‘Flatpacked Forests’ ( ). Inspired by their thorough investigation of illegal logging activities in Western Ukraine.
  • Winter In Kyiv
    Winter In KyivDuring the quarantine in Kyiv I was impressed by the amount of falling snow and every time I got excited as a little kid. Of course, the store outside of my window inspired me and as the result I made 3 illustrations following the same theme and a GIF.
  • 'STORIES' Zine
    'STORIES' ZineThis Zine is about people, it’s about the stories we tell each other, it’s about support we provide to one another and emotions we experience together. Together but apart. Way before the pandemic hit we’ve learned to stay connected using our phones, laptops and earphones. This connection isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just … different. We feel all the same things, through the same sense of touch, we laugh and cry from what we see on the screen. We create new digital spaces to connect people the sam
  • Carpathian Mountains
    Carpathian MountainsI went hiking in the summer 2020 in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. I brought back dozens of good memories, friends and inspiration. The latter one has evolved into this collection of mountain postcards.
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Projects credited in
  • Curated and designed Zine 3 collaborately with Assemblage Collective 'We Think Too Much and Feel Too Little'.
    Curated and designed Zine 3 collaborately with Assemblage Collective 'We Think Too Much and Feel Too Little'.Balance of lifted memories involve various approaches: cultural, childlike and minimalist luxurious approaches.
  • Assemblage zine issue 1
    Assemblage zine issue 1As a collective, we collaboratively created our first A5 zine filled with creative writing, photography, illustration, and collage. It's divided into four themes, encompassing issues that were on our minds during lockdown and bringing our creative practices together into a unified creative output. You can purchase one here if you fancy supporting us: Thank you! x
  • Assemblage zine issue 2
    Assemblage zine issue 2This is the second zine collaboratively produced by the young creatives of the Assemblage Youth Collective. The theme is 'reconnection', thinking about our experience of trying to reconnect with the outside world over lockdown through looking outside our windows, dreaming, and reflecting on and interacting with nature.
Work history
    Graphic Design InternHope (Humanitarian Operations)
    London, United KingdomInternship
    Adamah Media logo
    Adamah Media logo
    Social Media and Marketing internAdamah Media
    London, United KingdomInternship
    Assisting the Social Media and Marketing Manager to grow Adamah Media’s audiences, improve the publication’s visibility, and have a strong and consistent visual brand by: - Scheduling social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - Sourcing images for future articles - Creating stock templates on Canva to be used in the creation of future social media posts - Assisting in the creation of Facebook ads - Creating partnerships by communicating with like-minded individuals and organisations on social media to create further reach for Adamah’s Media’s articles and overall vision - Exploring current trends / global news stories which may relate to previous articles that Adamah can reshare or further promote
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  • 3D Animation
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    BALondon College of Communication, UAL
    London, United Kingdom
    I'm in my third year of BA Illustration and Visual Media course at LCC. I'm currently undertaking DPS (sandwich) year, during which I'm working and looking for work that challenges my practice and catches my eye.