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Yossi Fisher

Brand Consultant & Creative StrategistItaly
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Yossi Fisher

Brand Consultant & Creative StrategistItaly
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Hey and thanks for stopping by. I'm Yossi, a Brand Consultant, and Creative Strategist. I am also the Founder of YOSSI FISHER STUDIO; a one-of-a-kind branding and communications studio with a uniquely holistic approach to the market, using a dynamic brand-building system that turns incredible ideas into impactful brands. To learn more about all our clients and services, visit @ yossifisher.com. To learn more about who I am, keep reading :) Sweet, happy to see did lol .. and I truly appreciate it, so here's my story ... Born to entrepreneurial parents in the retail and textile industries, I was immersed in the business of fashion from a very young age. In 2001 I opened a fashion boutique where I started his professional journey into branding, strategy, and marketing. I had a knack for spotting successful collections and the shop garnered fast attention. Distributors and showrooms took notice and started to ask me for advice about market trends and up-and-coming brands. This led me to explore the role of Brand Consultant further, at one point helping with the national buys for street-wear pioneers Sean John and Akademiks. After a successful run in retail, I wanted to explore new opportunities in the industry, so I closed the shop and immersed myself in the world of branding and private label development. I was captivated by the strategic differences in global markets, the business methods that varied from country to country, and the different communication styles expressed through branded content. By 2008 I was consulting across the USA, EU, and Asia with brands such as Wimbledon Tennis, Stormtech, and HEAD Sportswear. Interested in the power of storytelling I then co-founded a Toronto-based styling company in 2009. This honed my creativity and opened the doors to major commercial, music video, and editorial projects for names like Virgin Media, RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), and Vogue. As my desire to build concepts and direct projects grew, I moved to London in 2011 and pursued a career as an Art Director and Creative Strategist. Utilizing my expansive network and dynamic expertise I founded YOSSI FISHER STUDIO in 2014 before finally settling in Milan in 2017. As a Creative Strategist and Brand Consultant, I continue to drive businesses forward and lead projects internationally with clients and associations including; Refinery29, Temperley London, Hunger TV, Vogue Italia, Hypebeast, Copper88, Archiproducts, MASTERED, The Impression, Virgin Media, MANINTOWN, and Camera Moda.
  • TESTIMONIAL - Copper88"Yossi Fisher Studio will deliver and exceed expectations on all levels."
  • REFINERY 29Project Management,  Creative + Art Direction, Model + Team Casting, Production, Set Design I recently collaborated with Refinery 29 to inspire an important social conversation. The project highlights going to prom as an LGBTQ person, and not feeling like you have to hide your true self. Regardless of what gender others associate you with, it’s your human right to define yourself however you choose, if even at all. It’s really all about feeling proud in your skin.  Alongside the editorial we set
  • TEMPERLEY LONDONEnglish Myths & Legends (Alice Temperley) Temperley London founder Alice Temperley released her new coffee table book, English Myths & Legends, and it was an honor to be featured in its pages. An icon of British fashion, we worked in part with Temperley London on an editorial shortly before the book came together. To our excitement, one of the images we created in collaboration was given a double-page spread, featured among a collection of beautiful Temperley projects. Below you can view the o
  • TESTIMONIAL - Refinery29"Y|F is a unicorn .. with an eternal ambition for creative excellence."
  • KIOSK OF DEMOCRACYProject Management, Creative + Art Direction, Model + Team Casting, Production My affinity for textures and bold colours is fully encompassed in this series with inspiration from Punk Rock and Mongolian Gypsy fashions. The black abyss backdrop forces the model to the foreground creating a dramatic focus on each style element. Details and esoteric attitude come to life in the subtle movements, while deep shadows play a part to exaggerate the models attitude.  The range of textures, sharp colours,
  • HUNGER TVProject Management, Creative + Art Direction,  Model + Team Casting, Production, Set Design So many fashion statements are made with the simple yet powerful palette of black and white. By pulling out subtle blue undertones, depth is created within the textures of each piece. Our environment is kept clean and sharp using the subtle reflective properties of silver, without specifically focusing on metallic surfaces. These elements combined with a sharp beauty concept executed specifically for blac
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Work history
    Brand Consultant | Creative StrategistYossi Fisher Studio
    Milan, ItalyFull Time
    We are a one-of-a-kind brand development and media communication studio. Using our dynamic brand-building systems we take a holistic approach to turn incredible ideas into impactful brands. By immersing ourselves in your world we provide the systems, strategies, and insights needed to create impact and achieve sustainable success. Our clients have the power. We are their accelerators.
    Co-Founder | Art DirectorFisher & Moss
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Fisher & Moss provides Creative | Art Direction and Wardrobe Services to the music, fashion, television and film industries globally, servicing project for the likes of; Virgin Media, Universal Music, and Hunger Magazine.
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