3D artists: I need some tips, I want to start learning. Anyone have knowledge to give? How do I create my first 3D video? Where do I start?


  • @Kailene Grey Hi, I am using 3dsmax, becasue I usually create static design, or walk through animations. But yes blender is always free to start. As said, cinema 4d is great at motion graphics but it's not the only option. Actually motion starts with creating keys to an object between frames. Maybe You can start from this.
  • @Fabio Catapano I have heard about Blender! Thanks a lot for the recommendations, truly appreciate it. I am very much interested in both photorealism and conceptual art. The downside (upside in some ways) is that I haven't figured out which.

    I have seen a tablet is useful. Do you use one?
    How many different softwares do you usually use to complete one project? Is Blender sufficient?

    Sorry to bombard you! Very interested. Thanks again!
  • @Bora Turkoglu Thanks so much for the advice. As another commenter stated, Blender seems to be a great free viable option to start. What do you use? Do you have a tablet? If so, which do you use?
  • I would suggest starting with blender.org (totally FREE) and there are a lot of resources on YouTube. Otherwise, you need to go with Cinema 4D. The main issue in both cases might be computational power but really depend on what kind of 3D we're talking about... photorealistic or not? A few years ago I used a real-time 3D software to create a music video the main advantage is that the rendering time goes down to almost zero but I had to some work in Premiere and After Effects. Here you can see the work I'm talking about https://catapanodesign.com/K-Conjog-Slashes-III
  • Hi Kailene,

    I am more on the 3D design, but I would start like this;
    First determine your target industry to create 3D video or any 3D stuff.
    Then watch some 3D videos related to your target industry and try to understand what software and tools used to make that video. And then you need to understand what skills needed to create these videos. 3D modeling,VFX, compositing or design or all of them?
    If you narrow your search area and plan your time to learn specific things rather than everything, you will progress faster.

  • Hey! Have you ever tried the CAD software Fusion360? I'd also recommend maybe having a play using MeshMixer to create really fluid forms quickly on your laptop.

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