A lovely Monday Musing: How did you find/figure out your style, niche or ‘thing’?

And how did you translate this to your promotional content/ website or portfolio?


  • Hi Cheniece,

    Finding your style is pretty much like finding yourself. As you get older and start to get yourself for real it will clear up what kind of style you need to go for. Your artistic style can't be really anything else than the true reflection of you and your view on the world.
  • Start a daily practice if possible and set yourself challenges (/join online challenges/ ask mates or mentors to set them) through this repeated process you’ll make mistakes. Most of them will be mistakes, 1% will be what start to define your style.
    In the early days I think it’s fine to replicate the style of those you admire, just don’t claim it’s original work. This will help you master your craft and along the way your work will be shaped by your influences and your style will start to emerge. It’s a long process but it’s fun
  • Great question.
    As a photographer, I went through more genres than you can shake a stick at, including architecture, landscape and street photography, before settling on fashion and portrait. I'm really glad I tried all the other forms of photography, as I feel like it's in some way informed what has developed into my style. I also feel that just simply creating as much as you can, whether that is in your direct field or trying something that's not in your wheelhouse can be beneficial too. :)
  • Trying new things, experimenting and having fun! I found when I put pressure on myself to have a particular style everything I shot was rubbish but as soon as I started having fun with it, my work completely changed!
  • Go out with your camera and try new things, listen to your intution rather then just following the crowd, style comes with pratices, so take that leap of faith and just go with the flow. Dont be afraid to take inspiriation from other artists just align with what feel natural to you.

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