Advice on having a good welcome description to a website/online portfolio??


  • I have the tendency to be too creative / abstract about what it is that I do. This doesn't always convert well. For example I have this on my site:

    I DESIGN, DIRECT AND DISCUSS THE HUMAN SIDE OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS. If you’re a forward thinking brand or individual. Let’s Talk.

    And I don't think people understand what they can expect from this.
    So be as specific as possible and as uncreative as possible :)
  • Hey Alex,

    I would say one good tip is to communicate 'exactly' what you do. I specify exactly because when recruiters, art directors, HR etc. look at your work they already have an idea of who they're looking for, so make it clear in the beginning what you do, and what you would want to do, what you specialize in and make your work relate to that.

    Hope this helps.

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