Any advice for a fashion stylist for print's transition to a wardrobe stylist and Production designer for film, music videos, and TV?


  • Hi Lizzie,

    Yes - get experience as a 'runner' on set. I'd aim for advertising and music videos, (not so much tv as it's a whole separate industry - unless tv is your dream, in which case go for tv). People start off working on music videos, to advertising, to film - so that would be your trajectory - but also: build connections with budding directors who need committed team members and will take you wiht them. Build your network and you'll find people ask what your aspirations are and will connect you to the work you want to do. You'll meet stylists and can offer to assist future jobs.

    Get started by offering to work for free for 2-3 jobs, then seek paid ones. You can find the work by befriending 1st Assistant Directors, registering with a 'diary service' like Callbox -
    I worked with them years ago and between them and a few 1st ADs was in constant work - If you are diligent, wihtin 6mo- a year you'll be styling.

    Best of luck!

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