Any apprentices, graduate employees, college students or entrepreneurs interested to be a part of a production?

I'm a part of a production group and we are launching a YouTube Channel called 'What They Don't Teach At School'. We're filming our first pilot soon and need some of the above people. This will be presented at a showcase event at Apple.


  • Hi Aliyah,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm a recent graduate and looking to explore career opportunities within production and it would be interesting to learn more about this Youtube channel. I have had previous experience working in advertising and pr and am an enthuasiastic individual willing to take on new challenges.

    Thank you!
  • Hey Aliyah

    I’m a content coordinator/creator with vast experience working within this field. Some clients i have worked with include Hilton Hotels Global, National Express and the AA. I would love to be part of this with you! Feel free to drop me a message and we can chat :)
  • Hi Aliyah, I'm a recent graduate/entrepreneur and it sounds like a great idea. I'm passionate about the concept and I’d love to learn more.
  • Hi Aliyah,

    This looks super interesting. My mate and I were literally just talking about starting a Youtube channel called 'Life Lessons' with the same concept. We're both graduates and we're starting to find out there's a lot about life which no one ever teaches you.
    I'd love to get find out more.

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