Any Junior Social Media & Community Manager to join a freelance project for a fine jewellery brand? Must have flair for digital and luxury!


  • Hi Sebastian, I have worked with several luxury brands as a content creator and done my master's degree in luxury management. If you are interested, let's discuss what I can bring to the table... and also, I'd love to see your work before we chat. Thank you. my email is
  • @Natasha Garcia-Warren

    Hi Natasha,
    Hope you’re well.
    It would be great to chat as I know your work, some REALLY lovely stuff.
    Speaking of which, I’m trying to get authorisation to run a short vid you did for Fawaz Gruosi - I believe Jasmine Vidal has asked you for this video of Mr Gruosi on Berkeley Square. This is super urgent - may I ask you to let me or Jasmine ASAP?
    Thank you!
  • Hey Sebastian ,

    I am a 17 year old aspiring graphic designer/ content creator I am currently studying Media , digital media and sociology at a level however would love to gain more experience.

    Thank you very much Christine
  • Hey Sebastian,

    I hope you are well.

    Would love to get in touch further to discuss this role. My email is, my LinkedIn can be viewed here - and my llnktree with my previous work can be seen here -

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

  • Hey Sebastian,

    Glad I came across your post.

    I carry brand writing experience working with a luxury design house known for decor goods and apparrel. I simultaneously study the social langauge and presence of various other luxury fashion, retail, jewellery, automobile brands, as welll, as a way to find the right notes to hit while communicating your brand to the world.

    You can reach out to me at

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  • Hi Sebastian, it would be great to have a chat perhaps - I have previously worked on Bentley Motors and KI NO BI. Thanks, Rory
  • Hi Sebastian, I would be delighted to hear more.

    I have 6 years experience as a Freelance Content Producer for luxury jewellery. Three of those years I was the Creative Director of Digital Content for Christie’s Jewellery in London, running their 3 largest jewellery campaigns (De Grisogono Creation 1, The Pink Legacy & Maharajas and Mughal Magnificence). This involved running a team of 6 creative freelancers, covering the entire campaigns from inception to scheduling to publishing and everything in between.

    I have experience in sourcing/collaborating with fashion brands, pitching to potential investors and working with sponsors at the highest level.

    Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss further:
    IG: @natashatheproducer
  • Evening Sebastian,
    I would love to hear more about this project.
    I have various experience within the luxury industry and working with jewellery, and currently working as a Social Media manager / Digital Marketing Executive for a country wear brand.
    I would love to discuss further, my email is:
  • Hi Sebastian,

    I would love to get involved and hear more about this project. I am a content creator and manager and I have worked on social media campaigns for several fine jewellery brands including Omneque, Christie’s Jewels, De Grisogono, Moussaieff and Anna Hu Haute Joillaire. My email is:



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