Any tips for getting better and more confident in animating as I find at times I am not improving?


  • Might sound cheesy, but what works for me the most is inspiration. Give yourself time to work on personal projects - any crazy idea you come up with! Challenging yourself with something you've come up with means no deadline pressure, infinite space for experimentation and an opportunity to develop your own style.
    Make a moodboard where you collect references and visual ideas for your current project ( is a great tool for brainstorming!). Watching what other animators do is no less crucial than animating yourself.
    Tutorials and cg forums are your best friend. I've found that online animation communities are amazingly friendly and I've always gotten answers to my questions. Make a tutorial playlist on youtube so you can always find the clip that has been useful to you before.
    Good luck!
  • What style of animation? Live and breathe it... find inspirations, follow agencies you love, read their case studies.

    Watch hours and hours of content, observe details, absorb information. It’s not all about the actual physical animating itself sometimes but to remove yourself from that and to take a step outside looking in.

    Then focus on getting the simple stuff right, finesse the simple things. Don’t over complicate it unless you have to.

    Seek outside help, talk to other animators, watch live streams, watch tutorials.

    Then theres the obvious one, practice makes perfect.

    If you’re really struggling to nail a specific style then download the clip and animate over the top. Then look at the keyframes and try and rebuild it without.

    Hope thats helpful my dude,

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