Any web developer here is a pro at creating sites with CargoCollective? Need to update my site & require help -paid (Cargo collective only)

my website is


  • Hi Looking for Mid-Level/Junior Web Developer to help me adjust my Cargo Collective website template. Please contact me or on instagram Thanks!
  • @Ana Maria Seceta Hello I found this thread online, think you could assist me with my Cargo site? I'm in need a of some help adding a "scroll to top" type botton. Let me know
  • Hi James, if you're still searching I would love to help you :)
    You can contact me at
    I'm doing portfolios using Squarespace, Wordpress and Cargo.
  • @James Maiki I might be wrong but I believe that site might be using wordpress. Looking at Cargo Collective, you could try something like this?
  • @Lorraine Manlangit not a specific template. I want it to look like this
  • Hey James, cool (and lots!) of work you've done. Willing to help as well :) Are you looking to use a specific template?

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