Anyone else lost freelance work due to COVID-19? Let me know if you're in a similar situ or have got a job you're looking to fill.

Inspired by the Marguerite London post here:


  • At the momenet we are all in the same boat with cancellations and uncertainty. Take this time to take care of yourself and your mind, taking the opportunity to slow down a little and get stuck into research. Start a project that you can get passionate about and connect with your peers to work together and realise it. As much as we cannot work in the same room we can still connect and create
  • Hi everyone, I think we are on the long list who are going to lose stability, this makes me feel that we have to be more flexible and have an adaptable approach, which is easier said than done. As recruiters say,
    "The design is a crowded market today".
    The question is about the real needs now.
  • Hey! Yup this is me, I was on a contract that got pulled and am sitting with nothing, I had 2 interviews lined up which have both been cancelled. Trying to find some online freelance work at the minute but its a bit tricky.
    Keep postive and keep applying as all you need is that one opportunity. All the best!
  • we've had projects cancelled, and many are on pause or not confirming. Likewise it's been a quiet 6 months prior due to brexit and election too. Very worrying even though we know customers will return...

  • Been self employed/WFH since 2013, had a small back up for quiet times but after 3 months with little to no work due to Brexit & now this, it's an incredibly stressful time.

    Trying to fill the void with portolio updating & studying more to help expand my skills, also trying to cut down on resources i'm now not using, to help put more money towards paying neccessary bills & of course food.

    Highly recommend if anyone has any indoor/outdoor space, however big or small, try some gardening. Keeps you active, helps with the cabin fever & if you get a small batch of fruit & veg for you efforts, all the better!

    Of course, i also do graphic design if anyones interested ;)
  • Yep, all of my future bookings have been postponed or cancelled.

    I'm sure everyone is in the same boat but if anyone needs a freelance video editor through this time please speak to me. Even if it's a personal project, I would rather be staying productive than doing nothing!
  • Yeah, my event was cancelled and I've lost a few projects because of budgets having to be rerouted and so on. I'm desperately trying to find more because I'm in a tight spot. It's really worrying.
  • Yeah me either, Iot of projects are on hold and cancelled. Due the covid-19.

    At the moment I’m joining various group to find remote work.

    Let’s see how is it goes and how long This going to affect freelancers.

    Cross fingers

    Stay healthy and strong


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