Anyone here who lives in London and has ever needed legal actions to get paid for a job?


  • @Nathan Sayers Cool. Thank you!
    Hope I don´t need to do this but now I know what to do
  • @Zansky de Zaster I used the exact way Anna shared below. It was a few years ago but from memory you can also claim a late payment fee for every day it is overdue and the client will also have to pay your costs of submitting the claim.
  • @Anna Negrini Thank you for the information. As I´m not in UK (I´m in Brazil) I didn´t know how to proceed. I´m since February waiting to be paid and or I´m ignored or receive empty excuses :/
  • Do you mean as a freelancer? I used the small claims court once They'll ask you reasons to claim (emails, contract and so on) and HMRC will send an email to the person to pay (all the process is explained in the website).

    My advice is - before doing that - to chase the client every 15 days or so for some months stating that - after the day X - if you don't receive the payment you'll go to the small claims court. Sometimes people just forget :)

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