Are there any aspiring colourists out there up for collaborating on some projects?

I have a couple short films and other random small passion projects, which might improved with a fresh pair of eyes to colour grade.

If you're interested in collaborating, get in touch!


  • Hey @Michelangelo Torres ,

    Thanks for your response, I've sent a connection request
  • Hey @Khalif Sultan ,
    Thanks for your response, I've sent a connection request so we can chat.
  • Hello, I am Khalif and I am a freelance colourist based in London, UK. I have an extensive background on professional film sets doing cinematography ranging up to 6 years and have been grading for 3 years now. I have a BA Degree from MetFilm School, London, specialising in Cinematography. On top of that, I have the technical and creative experience and a really strong work ethic.

    I mostly grade short films, smaller documentaries, and am going to be grading my first feature film sometime next month.

    Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have and have a great day ahead!

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