Are there any fashion designers or jewellery designers looking to start their own business / brand?

I’m a Creative Coach and ex owner of an international fashion label. I have space for more fashion clients. If you are interested in starting a business or brand - I can help you!

Get in touch via DM.



  • Hi Yasmine,
    Great that you're reaching out. I am actually also looking for people starting their (jewellery) brand because I offer branding and design services. So if there is anyone interested, I could help on the design front!
    Just putting it out there in case needed :))
    Thank you! - Iris
  • Hi Yasmine, would love to chat a little about what you do and getting some help would be amazing! Im a jewelley deisgner and working on getting a new collection out there as well as so any advice would be much apprecaited :)

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