Are you a Communications Manager, passionate about the arts, looking for freelance work?

JAM is a thrilling, risk-taking arts organisation. Be part of it.

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    JobsLink online career portal helps broaden the spectrum of recruitment. Many organizations prefer to hire candidates from the same city. However, with the current remote working situation, they can broaden their recruitment to different cities. This can naturally help companies to tap into sections they would otherwise overlook. So, even candidates work from a very remote area, which helps candidates to get their dream job from anywhere. Another work from home advantage is work flexibility. Without having to travel for work, employees can save up a lot of time and work as per their most productive hours.
    JobsLink guides you to be truly independent. You’ll become a communications expert. Flexible work is the future of work. With companies all over the world asking their employees to work from home, remote work has become the new normal for global businesses and enterprise employers. Some of the benefits of working from home for employers and employees can include improved well-being and lower costs. The biggest remote working advantages for enterprise employers all revolve around employee well-being, daily operations, and revenue.
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