Bucket list goal research: I want to become a paid muralist! Does anyone have any useful links/contacts to start me off?

I was commissioned to design and paint a full-scale wall in my local creative workspace hub for the London Design Festival last year in 2022, and I'm hooked! I want to expand further into more projects, but I'm a little lost as where to start!

Does anyone have advice on a useful place to do some research, or anyone who does it full-time that can give me some starting points? Is there a Muralist 101 book I can buy (half-serious, no but really)

Thanks in advance!


  • On my bucket list tooo! Amazing that you've already got one in the bag! Have a look at @homsweethom on IG... She does some amazing murals and also had a course on how to get started. She's taking a break at the moment but should have some useful bits on her website - https://www.homsweethom.com/
  • Hey Ellie, I know a few I can connect you with, drop me a message (I think I've messaged you but haven't used the site much) and I'll give you some details

  • Find an agent, offer your service to smaller businesses in and outside of the creative sector like small start ups or small brand shops or campaigns. Learn how to pitch mural artwork (bespoke mockup) to clients with detailed client costings etc.

    Reach out to those who do it as a business to gain more experience

    Like a brush it’s a stroke lucky really.

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