Can anyone offer any advice for internships or junior roles?

I'm a recent graduate and have been going in circles with applying to jobs or contacting people, then being rejected due to experience - I've taken on 2 unpaid roles to try and help, but it still doesn't seem to be cutting it and sadly I can't do any more unpaid work! Any advice on how to get the experience and show it off?


  • @Alessandro Novelli That's interesting, thank you - I'll take that on board and have a look at ways to improve using those. Thank you :)
  • @Jess Ford from what you write it seems you are concentrating on several different things, I m not super sure if it is really productive. From what I have seen many studios when they get interns is not really for their skills (I m not saying that skills are not important) but for their attitude and for those reasons who push them to apply to that specific studio/agency. So would be interesting to understand how you actually contact people or apply for intern/jr. positions. Do you research about the places where you apply? Do you have a specific reasons to apply to X and not to Y? Why would you like to work there? What could you give? or what could you take from the experience? (are just inputs) For your question about keeping the contacts, I have followed forward and reached back with updates or infos all those people that helped me, pushed me forward and I genuinely liked.
  • @Ø Macioti It's tough, especially, it's reassuring to see these discussions and get input from everyone! Hopefully we can all support each other and get to our end goal, I bet the new year will be a change for us! Keep going and good luck!
  • no-one should work for free, its basically a way for so called 'studios' and clients to get what they need without paying for it.... also gives you no real experience into how to price / the value of your work.

    I know being a junior is tough, but keep at it, it will come. Keep creating and designing what you love and craft a portfolio for an area you would love to work in, even if its made up projects, it shows you are forward thinking.

    I know some Juniors that have worked for Charities too to gain experience for a small fee, also there are millions are start-ups these days that desperately need design, they have smaller budgets but its a way to gain experience and build that portfolio.
  • I’m on the same boat as you! I’ve been applying to jobs and internships non stop, all while continuing to create graphics, picking up unpaid opportunities to bulk up my CV and portfolio and self starting longer projects, but to no avail. I’ve been attending lots of talks and networking with other artists to ensure future collabs as well, but still not much. Hopefully things change for us soon!!
  • If you are looking for a position like graphic designer, most of the studios (that call them selves studios) should have payed internships. I personally did 2 things, started like intern in one studio and moved to other 2, always leveling up what I was able to do and being always glued to the creatives, and at the same time I made a portfolio with specific works, that would help me to get in the studios I wanted to go. Hope it can help! A curiosity, What are you doing beside just applying? And do you have a clear idea of where you want to go?

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