Can I pick your brains about the best way to share images on social media?

Hi everyone

Can I please pick your brains about sharing your work on social media? During Covid, I finally put some of my stuff on Picfair as a bit of an experiment and to try and encourage myself to share them after being relegated to hard drives for a long time. I work in documentary film and would like to explore documentary photography as well.

Picfair shares images with a watermark that seems to cover the whole image rather than copyright in the corner. Can I ask how much of an issue people think this is? I see lots of photographers sharing their images without a copyright (to be fair these are established photographers who work for Nat Geo etc). As a newbie to sharing my photos how does everyone handle watermarking specifically for social media?

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts!


  • Hi Samantha,

    Re watermarks - dont' do it. Just don't. You think it's protecting your image but more likely holds back from people engaging with your work and see in it's full beauty. If copying comes to serious manner there are other ways to go after your rights.

    Honestly it feels rather amateur than professional. As you said you can see big names would never destroy they creative output and engagement with watermarks. Be like them.

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