Can I start a podcast with all interviews being remote for now? does anyone have tips/tools to suggest?


  • The audio compression on Zoom/Skype/Jitsi and most of the other platforms with the exception of Discord is pretty atrocious for content meant to be enjoyed.

    An ideal workflow would be to record all of the speakers “offline” via a vocal mic and audio recorder or audio interface and use the Video/Voice call just as a means to communicate from afar. The files from everyone can be gathered via WeTransfer/DropBox/GoogleDrive and then dropped into your preferred Video Editing Software or DAW to synchronise and mix. If any of the guests don’t have any means of producing a high quality recording of their end of the call, a recording done on a modern smartphone will work in a pinch. For software if you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audition is a great entry level DAW. If not, you can look at buying a copy of Reaper or working within the limitations of ProTools First. For hardware the Rode NT USB or Blue Yeti are great starter mics and you don’t need much else, maybe a pair of decent headphones; I really like the Sennheiser HD280PRO as “work” headphones, they’re not particularly Hi-Fi but I’ve had my pair for close to a decade now and they are still going strong.

    Lastly if you are serious about making podcasts it might be worth looking into doing a bit of acoustic treatment to the space you intend to record in.
  • Here's a tip a television reporter gave me recently; record the interview on Skype, Zoom or Teams, but ask your interviewee to also record it at their end on their phone. They can send you the sound file via e-mail or wetransfer. Then you will have better quality audio of their voice than you get over the internet.
  • All good thoughts here for you from people who clearly know their stuff! I don’t but have done radio and TV and recently did the (£45) Guardian Masterclass on podcasting - as a way of thinking about it all for a project I’m involved with. It was money well spent for me - from ideas and recording hardware/software, marketing and building audiences etc! All the best for your project!
  • You can definitely do that! There are loads of different ways to record remotely.

    My preferred method is to use Zoom for the call and to record a master track. Then I usually have the other hosts record on their phones, and get them to send me the audio files. I then use a DAW (garageband/logic/audition) to line everything up using the master track. With the separate audio tracks from the phone recordings, you can easily edit each person's audio to suit their sound.

    Obviously this is a good and (almost) cheap option of doing things. But there are other tools to help you with remote recording like zencastr, which is cool too.

    In terms of mics, I use a Shure SM58 dynamic mic when I'm not in a treated room. You can also use something like a Zoom H4n-H6 for on-the-recording, or like i mentioned above, a recording app on your phone.

    Honestly, the options are endless! So if you have any specific questions let me know!
  • We use Zencastr and it's awesome for remote interviews. Quality is great provides a link to your guest and allows you to mix together. Any other questions on this just give me a shout!
  • Hi Isabel,
    Currently I either Skype or zoom call to record, unfortunately sound quality of the guest will be dependent on their mics/equipment. As for on my end I record my vocals separately on a DAW (logic x). For mics, depending on your budget a blue yetti USB mic is easy and straight forward to use, just plug and play but If you want something with higher quality closer to most the podcasts you’ll find on Apple/Spotify i would recommend investing in an interface like a Scarlett by focusrite paired with a decent dynamic microphone, I use a Røde PodMic. If you want decent video as well I would recommend a Logitech c920 webcam.

    Feel free to DM me! Happy to help.
  • Skype call recorder is free, and depending which editing software/mic you use it’s pretty easy to remove interference. Best of luck!

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