Classic #ConversationsOfInspiration: Fearne Cotton

When we decided to revisit some of our favourite conversations on the podcast, my recording with Fearne sprang immediately to mind. It was a conversation that cemented a bond that has lasted years - I look back on this conversation fondly as the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

In 2019, Fearne chatted with me about a life-changing decision she had made - to leave Radio 1 and journey into the unknown. ‘I had zero plans’ she shared with me, but this moment of risk led to her writing three books about wellness and mental health, helped her become more in-tune with her authentic self and found a business - Happy Place - which has the beautiful ambition to spark a little bit of joy in all of us.

I would really encourage anyone with teenagers to listen to this podcast, as Fearne speaks movingly about finding herself beyond the ‘perfection’ of celebrity culture, the exhilarating and challenging experience of raising a family, creating a business that allows her to be her creative self every day, and the importance of finding happiness in the simple things.

Click the link to listen and please do share with anyone currently searching for their happy place!

#TheHappyPlace #FearneCotton


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