Creators! Do you any of you send out a newsletter or have a mailing list? What does it look like for you?


  • Hey,
    Since our diverse Ecosystem have a lot of different partners, clients and users, we had a hard time sorting out our updates, news, messages, internal/external pressreleases, press connections and match it all with all addressees.
    Plus, overall experience with the mass-mail services wasn't pleasing too.

    So in-house crafted software, utilizing latest tech (like, using artificial intelligence/machine learning for deep data analysis, composition, matching and more) that we specially created for that purposes - allowed to schedule and send on time user-tailored mails with exclusively selected topics, original designs and targeted offers - and it really helped optimize most of the time-consuming processes of that segment.
  • Hi Sophie,

    I simply exporеed my contact list from Gmail to a CSV file and then imported this file to my MailChimp account.

    So, basically, you must create this using this guide, for example:
  • Hello! I design and curate ASOOO's monthly newsletter for our interview blog, Pass It On. We'll be sending out our new newsletter next week and you can subscribe to view it here:

    Hope you enjoy / find it useful! Happy to chat via message if you have any specific questions :-)


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