Currently looking for a full time or freelance position in Marketing or PR.

I am on the search for an amazing team to join either full time or freelance. Since moving to Europe, I have worked with the Marketing and PR teams at companies such as Adobe and Wacom.

My experience covers: Marketing, PR, Influencer Relations, Content Creation, Social Media and Community Development. As you might have guessed because of my work with Adobe and Wacom, I am highly trained as a Graphic Designer and Art Director.

Please feel free to connect with me here on The Dots and LinkedIn. If you have any leads, send me a message at


  • Hi Kenneth,
    If you’re looking for a freelance job, take a look at our jobs board:^Freelance.2|professionCohorts:Marketing.3^PR.11&sortBy=latest
    Remember to turn on the notifications toggle to be the first to know when new freelance roles are posted!
    I’d also recommend applying for one of our Freelancer Speed Pitching events:
    Oh, and keep an eye for opportunities on our Asks hub (or post your own!):
    I hope that helps!
    Cathy x

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