Dear Art Lovers. Our mission at ArtBrowser is to make art open to all. We want to know what you find most intimidating about the art world?


  • Thanks Ivana. As mentioned in my reply to Daniel we help connect art buyers directly with artists and don't charge a commission on sale thus substantially improving the profit margin for artists
  • Thanks Sophie. I totally agree. One of our key objectives at ArtBrowser would be to help empower art lovers by helping them learn about art and make them feel comfortable in engaging with art and having conversations about art and creativity without feeling intimidated to express themselves.
  • It can be intimidating to feel like you have enough knowledge or insight to 'say the right thing' or to make a 'clever' judgement on an artist's work. It's great when art, artists and art institutions really champion and call out for individual points of view.
  • Money. Being an artist is a luxury - especially at an emerging level artists are submerged by expenses and have very little profit margin.
  • Thanks for the reply Daniel. On ArtBrowser you can purchase art directly from the artists without having to pay any commission thus reducing the financial cost of purchase for art buyers and helping artists produce more. Our mission is to unlock the barriers that have long existed in the art world by making it open and accessible. Please checkout our website ( and sign up for a free art lover profile to connect with other art lovers, artists and galleries.

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