Dear community, could anyone give me any tips /feedback for my website? - Thank you a lot!!!


  • @Giovanni Merla Hi Giovanni, thank you very much for your feedback! At the beginning there were many titles then I made the decision to give the first impression through only a gallery of different colorful projects. Will definitely think about the white space and the text, I actually just changed it from black to see a different effect. Thank you!
  • Hi Chiara, I love your colorful style and your works are really interesting.
    In the landing page, you could differentiate better between the sections, maybe adding titles. Also I personally don't like the white background with the text at the beginning, you talk about colors, so make it colorful :)
    Thanks for sharing!
  • @Tré Seals Hi Tré, interesting insight! I've always thought black would make the projects more stand out, white can be a very interesting refresh indeed! Thank you so much for your feedback and time!
  • @Lisa Campana Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your feedback, completely agree on that, I'll try to integrate some texts and intro for the projects as you said the process is as important as much as the result. Thank you again for your time!
  • @Dino Myers-Lamptey Dear Dino, thank you very much for your feedback, I am indeed thinking of other alternatives for the logo since a while! Thanks a lot for your time, will change the text from the 3rd to 1st person ;)
  • @Scott Bentley Hi Scott, thank you for your feedback and tips, will have a look at the contact page as I am pretty sure the text is on a colorful background. Thank you for having taken the time
  • @Meda Mosiejute Thank you so much for your precious feedback Meda and having taken the time! Yeah I like the photos as well but wonder how to divide them from illustrations or whether it is good to have a miscellanea ;) thanks again!
  • Your work is very colorful. I'd love to see a white background, bigger type (don't be affraid to tell your story), white background, and bigger images (almost like a quilt). Love your work, but I'd like to see more of your personality.
  • Your work towards the bottom of your hompage is excellent but that needs to be at the top and almost the first thing you see.

    I'd change your logo as it's hard to read and doesn't do your work justice. Why not have a more designed logo, like your work?

    I think you should re-phrase your welcom note to come from the first person rather than the third as it reads now.

    Great work though, that should shine and be the site!
  • I think it’s amazing, great photos!! The home page I think could be a bit more engaging, maybe add some of your amazing photos on the home page to make it a visually interesting as the other tabs!
  • Your contact page is rendering as black text on a black background so you cant read it.
    Your illustrations are the strongest thing on the site, I would have your default homepage here.
    You talk about yourself in the third person? It can come across as conceited.
    The design of the site and logo does look very basic, if you are selling design this must almost be your best work.
    Hope that helps

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