Dear Everyone, I just updated my new personal illustration portfolio, I need your precious feedback.

I have already Inner Vision Wonders where I provide services such as explainer illustrations, scribing, live illustration and a lot of visual content services aimed at businesses.
In this portfolio instead I wanted to show the other side of me, with more creative works, illustrations for web, editorial, advertising and film (visual development and concept art). I hope you can help me with your feedback. As project managers and creative directors what do you look for in a in illustrator? how can I make the portfolio look more attractive for commercial work?
Thank you so much!


  • @Ioana Dumitrescu Hi Ioana, Yes this helps a lot, thank you so much!
    Thank you so much for you precious feedback! I really appreciate that. Could I send you an updated version of my portfolio (when I have it) for a further feedback? If that is not too much to ask of course! Thank you
  • Hi Manuela!
    From a producer perspective, I think it's important for us to get a good understanding of how your personal style would work across different platforms (IG vs YT for example) and also on different type of brands (beauty vs automotive vs fashion etc).
    It depends a lot on the different projects you might have worked on, but for example for a branding project, I'd like to see a bit of a description, like a case study of how you got to those results if that makes sense? It's helpful to know how the person works, what are their processes etc.
    Hope this helps!

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