Design Studio/agency founders how did you kickstart your company do you have any advice for starting a small design studio?

My peers and I have recently started our own design studio Off Topic and we’d love to know any tips & tricks others studios had to get to where they are today


  • Hi Rahul,

    I wrote this article about tips for creatives starting a business; so there may be some useful bits in there for you?

    Hope thats helpful and best of luck!

  • Hello Rahul,
    I hope you are well. I left my full time job five years ago to start my studio. Recently I was interviewed for a book called Studio Culture Now which is a survey of over 30 Studios around the world and how we are running our studios. It's an amazing insight into different ways of starting and running your studio, however small or big. I think the book is nearly out of print so I recommend you order it fast if you would like one :)

    Beyond the interview with studios, there is also information in the book about copyright, accounting etc so all the practical things we should all know about. Good luck with your studio, I am sure it will be a wonderful adventure.

    All my best


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