Do you have any advice on how to price your work for a children's book Illustration commission? or how to get started with this?

If you know anyone who could help, please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!


  • @Anya Kuvarzina Ah, I see! Thank you for your comment and I'll definitely keep that in mind!
  • The pricing in Children’s publishing depends on the rights you grant and the type of license.

    Generally, I would not work for less than $3000 per 32 page illustrated PB and even that is actually low.

    You should aim at 5 - 10 K.

    However, most independent authors who commission illustrators are not aware of this so you can find prices on the market that are ridiculously low.

    Also, do ask to split the payment in 3 parts. And ask for royalties 😎

  • @Mia Barrell The Design Trust also have some great resources on costing and pricing
  • @Trinity Mitchell Hi Trinity, I'll have a look at the AOI website, thank you!
  • Definitely worth checking out the AOI (Association of Illustrators) who explain about payment, commissions, usage and licences etc.

    Payment should be based on usage of the illustrations:
    - so what they're for (i.e. a book)
    - where they're for (UK/Europe/USA/worldwide)
    - duration (i.e. forever/temporary - more relevant to social media etc)

    Hope that's helpful!
  • @Andrews Amoramar Thank you for your response, and that sounds like a good idea! Thank you!
  • About pricing it depends. But to start the best way I found was to look for art directors in agencies and send them your portfolio. Send it to a lot of them and update they monthly with your new works ( a simple newsletter) so they can remember you. You must be seen.

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