Do you think that Facebook will regain popularity soon?


  • I really hope not for all the reasons I’ve outlined here

    In brief — Facebook’s business model is predicated on daily active users. They need your attention because their revenue comes from ads. Sadly, we spend more time on it when we’re angry.

    My belief and hope is that what comes after Facebook is more niche and specific and respectful of our time and well-being.
  • No. A recent thought came to mind, it is like the iTunes of the internet, that is Fb is now attempting to do everthing, its has too many funtions half of which are under utilised. When you say Fb what do you even mean, the newsfeed, Fb pages, Messenger... it's way to expansive. From a design perspective, go to Instagram and Snap if you need a young audience. For the older people sure, go for Fb, but its legacy at best. Messenger is okay though.. but not the main Fb
  • I think Facebook began obsolete; most of my contacts are not using it as a main social network anymore as they moved to Instagram (talking about late 20's generation). I personally doubt that it'll regain its popularity because people don't find it useful and neither trustful anymore. The only useful thing it still has is "Local" the event app which I find useful

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