Does anyone have any info/tips on becoming a UX Writer?

Wanting to move into UX writing next year. I'm aware that it's a more 'instructional' style of writing but unsure as to where to start. Should I do a UX Design Course? Figma or Sketch? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated :)


  • @John McGarvey Thanks a lot for this John, things are a bit clearer now, I may reach out in the future to pick your brains.
  • Hi Asher! Before I moved into a Content Design (UX writing) role, I was a copywriter working mostly on marketing stuff, so I may have made a similar transition.

    These are some general thoughts (maybe helpful, maybe not!), but feel free to ask any specific questions. I'm also always happy to chat with folks who are interested in Content Design and related roles.

    * There are a few good Content Design courses out there - the most well-known are probably offered via . Their founder (Sarah Winters) also wrote a great book that's a good introduction to the discipline.
    * Consider applying for UX writer roles even if you don't feel you have a ton of direct experience. Often people who work in copywriting roles are doing more UX work than they realize, especially if they're working on things like conversion-focused flows. (Online, everything is kinda UX.) You'll also have a ton of transferable skills - working in cross-functional teams, empathising with customer needs, ability to write clearly and concisely, etc.
    * Look for UX writing opportunities in your current role. When I worked on the marketing side, I found that developers and designers were often writing the content, and that by helping them out I could grow my skills, do them a favour, and improve the product. You can also look for roles that require a blend of marketing / brand / UX skills - these seem fairly common.

    Hope that's of some help!

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