DOPA - The Department of Pro-Activeness to fuel conversations around creative wellness.

Apologies for the shameless self-promotion.
Established to ‘fuel conversations around creative wellness’, and put positivity back into the ears and minds of those working within the creative industry.

A familiar story of the last year and a half is seeing, reading and chatting to various people who have lost their jobs, and/or simply struggled to maintain their creative spark and energy in lockdown. After applauding others who have launched their passion projects - I was inspired. Because changing the narrative within our minds, is within our grasp. It's simply a choice to move on and think differently.

So when the s**t hits the fan: rest, refuel, pivot, reset, start dreaming and re-boot your mind.
Founding contributors include: Graham Sturt, Creative Director and Partner D8 Amsterdam and Nikki Gonnissen, Co-founder, director and designer Thonik, Amsterdam. Other interviewees are planned.

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