Event Organisers, Event Producers & PR + Social Media Managers hit me up !

Opportiunity to work with brands & high profiled individuals


  • Hi Daniel, Would love to talk to you about a new project. sophia@purecheek.co.uk will PM my digits. Let me know when your free.
    Pure Cheek PR & Matrix Club

  • I’m really interested.drop in my email akmetre@gmail.con
  • Hi Daniel, I am organizing several notable events in the art, IT and education industry in Europe. You can find me here atanas@slavconf.com or msg me. We are always open for partners, sponsors or speakers and we support influencers around the world. Keep in touch!
  • Hi Daniel,

    This sounds really interesting. Please can you send me a DM or an email at natasha@deliciouslondon.co.uk with some more information and to send over my CV.


  • Hi Daniel,

    I have experience in social media managing and I also am a graphic designer so I can create graphics for online and offline events!

    You can find some of my works here

    Please let me know if you think I can be a good match!

  • Hi Daniel,

    I am experienced in event organizing - talks, workshops, parties, festivals, etc. Physical, digital or hybrid. I am also creative (can design promotional materials - banners, SoMe content, copy, poster, etc).

    My design portfolio you can see here: http://viktorijamarszalek.com/
    And I am based in Copenhagen, available for remote work or occasional travel.

    Happy to chat further, if you think this could be a match :)


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