For those in Berlin, my solo show RED EARTH opens next week. I explore the space between Western and non-western ontology.

The exhibition “RED EARTH” examines how non-Western cultures can be more adequately represented in the increasingly digitalized, virtual world. Like the technological and philosophical advancements of the enlightenment period and the industrial revolution, the digital age, founded in data and code, utilizes other cultures as resources to fuel its autonomous thinking but overlooks their schools of thought.

Yet, the relationship between Western and non-Western cultures and the physical and the digital world is not of total detachment but complex exchange and dependence. In this area of tension, a constant back and forth translation between the two realms takes place, and the artist Michael Salu represents this complex process. The British-born Nigerian, who grew up between two cultures, investigates the ideological overlaps that get lost or inadequately passed on in translation.


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