Good afternoon everyone! Does anyone know of any good short courses or ways to get into creating digital campaigns for social media?


  • You need to follow this man right here:
  • @Isaac Coppin if you are already working on a business and you have questions yes it will be free. But if you want a full course it’s paid.
  • I would poke around ScreenSkills, General Assembly and BECTU as a start...
  • @Isaac Coppin I know a few people who have used Udemy for affordable, cheap and easily digestable courses. I've taken an SEM course but couldn't hurt to browse the Social offering! Good luck!
  • There’s loads of free courses on FutureLearn that are very good.

  • I can give you a customised course on that subject. It’s hard to find a course that answers your questions.
  • The fundamentals of digital marketing on google digital garage is great (and free)! It includes certification from the open university and is iab endorsed

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