Graduates needing venue for unofficial final show at the London Design Festival, can anyone recommend or put us in touch with places please?

I'm looking for a venue at the London Design Festival so our cohort of grads from Falmouth MA can have a final show.

The course was all based online so no show included as a conclusion but I've had the chance to take part in the LDF this year and thought it will be an ideal opportunity for us to do our own final show.

As a small group of graduates, hopefully as many as six, budgets are tight. I say hopefully because others are reluctant to join in until we know the cost which causes a vicious circle: no definites 'til the costs are known but we won't know the costs until we know the numbers.

We've had a few good suggestions but more options to choose from might make things more likely to go ahead. If any of you can suggest people or venues to get in touch with we'd be really grateful!


  • @A. N. Zoey Stein The owner might be putting me off at the minute but I'll take a look, thanks Zoey
  • Whirled Cinema, I worked there, the owner is an asshole but the venue and the people are so nice
  • Hi Tony,
    You could try asking coworking spaces? I used to organise talks for a non-profit organisation and we've been hosted by coworking spaces a couple of times. It's a bit of a different thing so not sure if they will be up for it but you can try.

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