Having trouble pricing a strategy. Any ideas of the price range for 3-6 month strategy for a luxury brand? 360 degree campaign for launch


  • Knowing the deliverables are key, though also how big a problem you are solving for them. If it’s aligned to a marketing budget, ie. the strategy will dictate a huge spend, then that has more significance and therefore higher value, needing more time to get insight and validate it etc. Generally speaking though I’d work out how many days or hours a week you’d expect to work on it, and then do the sums based on your day rate. PM me if you have more details you can share and I can be of greater help.
  • Depends on what services your are providing and what 360 actually includes? I usually work with flat set-up fee followed by consultancy contract. Depending the length I specify what the outcome is and what to expect after

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