Hello everyone! Does anyone know any good websites to download some graphic design briefs from?

In need of a portfolio refresh as my skill-set has expanded since my last role and I want to focus on both branding and digital design so any suggestions would be welcome, thank you!


  • @Jason Hancock That's a pretty good idea as there's lots of variety for that thanks!
  • Hi Isaac,
    The Design Kids collate loads of design competitions globally, even if you don't want to enter the actual comp, it's another way to get some practise briefs.
  • I was going to make the same suggestion as Sergei, and to piggyback on Jennies' suggestion, why not think of whats been frustrating you recently and look to solve it. Apply your knowledge and learn some new stuff to put into practice.

    You never know what may come of it.

    I have started 2 self initiated projects during this downturn in work and its quite exciting to think where there they may end up. One is hopefully launching later this week which would never have happened before COVID. Its just unfortunate that it takes something like a pandemic to find time for ourselves.
  • A suggestion to go along with what Daniela is saying would be to also trying pairing some of the fundamental aspects of the brief with stuff you’re interested in/ what to learn more about. ie- if youve always wanted to learn Korean cooking, design an app around Korean step-by-step recipes. It could be anything but the idea is you’ll be 1000% more invested, probably pull really interesting design insights based on the content, and you get to show your personality/ personal interests too (which will help you go deep in the interviews).

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