Hello, gang! Any graphic designer with book layout experience? I need help for a Uni project. Msg me, pls. Thanks! D :-)


  • Hi @Diogo Santilli if you're still looking for someone this is my email anna@editoriabooks.com and a link to my portfolio https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VYJrVoo61yS2lULOfLzSINTHSlinxT-K/view?usp=sharing Thanks! :)
  • Hi Diogo,

    This sounds like a fantastic project, and would love to be a part of it.

    Please see my work at www.kenjismith.co.uk.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Many thanks,

  • Driven purely out of passion with a keen interest in art, design, research and psychology I see myself as a graphic communicator who adores connecting with the people, bringing them the joy of constructing big ideas into unforgettable images.
    Including a link for a compilation of some of my previously executed projects: https://www.prekshasipani.com/
    Reach me out here: prekshasipani7@gmail.com
    Looking forward to working with you.
  • @Diogo Santilli That's something I could help out with, sure. And I make a point of not charging students, I'm not a monster. Feel free to get in touch at geoffreybuntingdesign@gmail.com and we can discuss it properly.
  • Hey Diogo, if you're still looking for help I'd love to jump on board.
    I'm a graduate with honors in graphic design with over three years of experience, and zines are exactly one of my areas of expertise. My own BA final thesis consisted in researching, writing, putting together and printing 5 zines with over 300 pages total!
    You can have a look at my portfolio and CV here https://bit.ly/3gNv5Ek – or just reach out to uponnothingdesign@gmail.com to have a chat about this!
    Have a great one,
  • @Luana D'Elias Thomas Hi Luana! Thanks for your reply. Yes, still need it. Do you have an email address, please? Thanks D
  • @Geoffrey Bunting Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for your reply. I need to lay out a zine comprised of 20 images for my final Semester's presentation. Get the lay out and format ready for printing. Is that something you could help me with? Also, how much would it be, please? Thanks D
  • Hey Diogo, I’d love to hear more about your project!
    I work often on layout design, and I’d be happy to share some of my works with you, either by private message or email: heloise.lamhoff@gmail.com

    Thank you, have a lovely day!
    Héloïse LH

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