Hello guys, I'd really appreciate some feedback on my 2020 showreel: https://bit.ly/36G4hlw

it's less than a minute so not long at all,

thanks for your time!


  • @Trevino Williams Great! Really slick reel and it teases your work superbly. Twitter is @OutwardFN, Insta is just outwardfilmnetwork and Facebook is here: (1) Outward Film Network | Facebook

    Hopefully we can help you get the word out about your work.
  • Hey Trevino, nice showreel, I love the drone shots of Malaga you've got in there! Also I like the little zoom at 00:19 - 00:20 when the music drops. The length you've made your reel is perfect and the music gets going quickly. However I wouldn't include 00:11 - 00:18 as those are BTS rather than actual projects you've worked on (unless of course this was a BTS video for a client). 00:26 - the digital pan across Adobe Premiere is nicely executed but again not something I would put in a showreel as you want clients to see your work exactly as it is, not an animation of your work. I would just have the Speedy TV podcast clip instead. Also loads of your best looking stuff is towards the end (00:31 - 1:00). That stuff looks much more pro than the first 30 seconds you've put, and gives me a totally different idea of your capabilities, get that stuff at the front. Hope that helps :)
  • @David Woods Hell Yes!!!! Thank you so much for that. Could you send me links to socials please.
  • Hi Trevino - just watched your reel and it's brilliant. I run a not-for-profit film network with two other filmmakers called Outward Film Network - would you like us to share your reel on our social media pages? We support indie filmmakers and artists who aren't industry funded.
  • @Darryl Fernandez I was planning on putting any contact details in the post itself. I havent on here because all im after is feedback.

    Also, I noticed a lot of showreels dont have contact details in the showreels themselves, just in the post
  • Hey Trevino,

    Good for putting it out there.

    Question, if you sent that reel out there and do you think it's easy for the person viewing to make a call to action and pick up the phone to connect with you or even email you?

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