Hello, I am a screenwriter looking to make films. Can you guys tell me how can I find freelance works as a storywriter and earn some money?

I am screenwriter trying to make my films. But before I need to survive. I am trying for content, articles and copy writing jobs but had no luck till now. I can write anything and is willing to write anything. Only thing is I am unable to secure some kind of paying gig.
I request you people to share your knowledge and let me know how can I earn some money through my stories and/or how can I get a freelance writing gig anywhere?

P.S. I am writing stories for London based magazine which are yet to be published. If anyone wants me to write I can send my other writing samples.

Thank You


  • I can't vouch that any of these are paid but there are a number of interesting collaborations from the community looking for someone with your skills: https://the-dots.com/collaborations/search?filters=desiredCollaboratorProfessions:Writer.71000

    This one in particular stood out to me for you https://the-dots.com/projects/hall-of-souls-335023

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