Hello, I'm hoping for feedback on my new site, please. Could some of you take a look & see what you think: https://www.andsomething.studio/

I've been putting this off until I saw it as 'finished', but I'll never really see it like that, so whilst I'm working on the intro and about sections, I thought it would be helpful to see what others think of it.

Thank you :)


  • @Valeria Conti You're right, it's not on there anywhere else. I'd not noticed, Thanks Valeria
  • Looks good, very clean and simple and the work stands out. I like how you are showing renderings, sketches and the process as well. Not convinced about the yellow page you get when you click on the menu button. Is this your brand colour? It feels desjointed from the rest of the website.
  • Very clean and has a good overall feeling, I'd say a bit nordic with the "feel". Just your logo (I'm older and bad eyesight at the moment) took me a little bit to find and read.

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