Hello you creative lot! I am in need of portfolio feedback. Be very honest :) I am also happy to give constructive feedback on portfolios!



  • @Nada Abughris Same here. One style sucks.
    Nada, great artistic projects with a touch of handmade! I I wish you to focus on your passion of experimenting and thus to differentiate and establish yourself as a professional graphic artist. Good luck!
  • @Pablo Espinosa Wow! thanks so much for the feedback Pablo! I always found it challenging to just go with one style, as for me its so limiting and i still want to experiment. Making that diffrentatoin my focus could actually be the answer to it :)
  • Gorgeous work, beatifully presented. I like how you get the most mileage out of each project, and I appreciate the variety in display. Too often clients and reps want to peg you down to a single aesthetic and call it 'your style', when in reality, true style can wrap itself around any number of aesthetic appriaches and briefs. As such, this versatility might feel like a double edged sword at times, but I advice you to double down on that and make it one of your greatest strenghts.
  • Hey Nada!

    Nice portfolio with a strong diversity in projects. My only suggestion would be to have your contact infomation be more visible in your about page or create a seperate page with your email, linkedin, socials, etc.

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