Nada Abughris

Nada Abughris

Creative, Design Mentor, Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Nada Abughris

Nada Abughris

Creative, Design Mentor, Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Twende - Saving you Time for More
    Twende - Saving you Time for MoreTwende is a project proposal for a non-profit cycle hire scheme for school kids aged 11+ in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. In this particular visual Kenya is used as an example. THE PROBLEM In rural parts of Africa many children are forced to take up household responsibilities from a very young age. Children as young as ten travel miles daily to access clean water and food whilst still managing to regularly attend school. The main mode of transport is by foot. This takes up an abundance of time an
  • Refugee 'Passport' Project
    Refugee 'Passport' ProjectA proposal project. To many a passport is more than just a travel document but an integral representation of ones identity. Refugees on the other hand do not hold a passport but are in- stead issued a travel document which has a distinctive design from regular Passports. This project proposes a redesign of the Refugee travel document to not only have a more genuine Passport feel and look but to also push the use of the document into a morale booster and a token of hope for Refugees. Passpor
  • Ephemeral
    EphemeralAs the consequences of global warming amplify the majority of the world still remains blind to their contributing actions. Ephemeral is a project which represents how industries mask their environmental damages with beauty and glamour. The colourful photographs are infact of smoke - representing the increase in air pollution and melting ice cubes -emulating melting ice caps.
  • Carry a Carrot
    Carry a CarrotTask: One day to make a Carrot famous. Solution: Turn a Carrot into the must have ‘it’ fashion accessory for self expression. A one day long campaign that invited Londoners to add a carrot as an additional accessory to their outfits. This project garnered a lot of engagement, a social media platform was also created on instagram: @carryacarrot
  • Hybrid Expressions
    Hybrid ExpressionsAn imagined future scenario in which the Arabic script becomes a thing of the past, preserved in glass frames, admired for its intrinsic beauty absent in functionality, understood by only a few. The limitations of first generation mobile phones paved way for an informal hybrid language system known as Arabic Chat - A language primarily used in instant messaging, that transliterates Arabic text using the Latin alphabet and numerals. For some this represents an expression of youth culture and a
  • Metamorphosis
    MetamorphosisStatement wearable structures that protect an individuals personal space. Inspired by animalistic anatomical forms, the paper sculptures and the hand carved Drypoint and Lino prints imitate the anatomy of a hybrid of creatures.
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Work history
    Landor & Fitch logo
    Landor & Fitch logo
    DesignerLandor & Fitch
    London, United KingdomInternship
    » Developed Visual Identities for multi-billion global companies in sectors including; Banking, Finance, Tourism, Manufacturing, Engineering, Politics, Media & Entertainment. » Contributed in the brand development of a Leading Global Women’s Forum- Roles included expressing brand narrative in innovative ways, as well as developing new graphic language and applying it onto traditional and digital platforms. » Developed brand guidelines which included tool-kits for the client to activate their refreshed brand and tone of voice including the expression and use of their; logo, typography, colour palette, graphic assets, iconography, photography and info-graphics. » Visualised concepts for corporate brands to modernise and increase awareness of their social media platforms.
    PhotographerSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    » Planned and organised successful on site wedding photo-shoots. » Photographed University social and formal events. » Proficient in food & fashion photography for blogs.
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  • Adobe Lightroom
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  • Adobe Indesign
  • Abobe Illustrator
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    BA Graphic DesignCentral Saint Martins (UAL)
    London, United Kingdom