Refugee 'Passport' Project

  • Nada Abughris

A proposal project. To many a passport is more than just a travel document but an integral representation of ones identity. Refugees on the other hand do not hold a passport but are in- stead issued a travel document which has a distinctive design from regular Passports. This project proposes a redesign of the Refugee travel document to not only have a more genuine Passport feel and look but to also push the use of the document into a morale booster and a token of hope for Refugees. Passports are designed to pay homage to the issuing country. Refugees however are a community of people from diverse back- grounds, therefore the key was in finding a commonality. All Refugees seek to find safety and stability and so the design of the travel document was centred around this insight. The Refugee Nation flag dictated the col- our palette of the travel document, as it was already an established symbol of hope and solidarity for refugees. Black heavy weight leather GFSmith paper was used as the cover with the subtle UV printed text and black band that mimics the refugee flag. Hand illustrated Weaver birds and nests cover the visa pages to symbolise a journey of building a home. Moreover poem extracts from different cultures under the theme of hope are embedded within the visa pages. Share