Twende - Saving you Time for More

  • Nada Abughris

Twende is a project proposal for a non-profit cycle hire scheme for school kids aged 11+ in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. In this particular visual Kenya is used as an example. THE PROBLEM In rural parts of Africa many children are forced to take up household responsibilities from a very young age. Children as young as ten travel miles daily to access clean water and food whilst still managing to regularly attend school. The main mode of transport is by foot. This takes up an abundance of time and is not always the safest option. THE SOLUTION TWENDE - An annual cargo bike scheme that values time, aimed at school children in rural Kenya. Twende aims to be a change agent in the transport sector by acting as the safe efficiency tool that gives children the time to build on their potential and be kids. ‘Twende’ the chosen brand name is Swahili and translates to ‘Let’s go’ in English. Twende encourages a go-getter attitude and is memorable and charmingly pronounced. A phrase that has a meaning on its own or can be individually personalised, a feature the brand uses throughout its communication.

The lively smiling mark can simply be reinterpreted and expressed individually by the kids.
Twende understands the infinite value of time and is here to allow its user to harness the opportunities it holds. Twende address a transport issue present in many developing countries commonly in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This cycle scheme can be implemented in these locations helping the youth but also key workers such as farmers, health care professionals and pregnant women.